Privacy Policy

The Malawi Legal Aid Bureau is firmly committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience on our website

Browsing Our Website
We may collect some personal information when you browse our website. We use cookies to make the website work better for you

Accessing Services through the Website
When you access some parts of our website you may be required to supply some personal information. This may be simply your name or an email address. When the Bureau collects your personal information, we will express our need for the personal data at the point of collection

Connecting with the Bureau
The Bureau has a presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and you can interact with us through your existing social media accounts. You may also share information from our website directly through your social media accounts by clicking on the social media sharing icons on the website

Changes to the Privacy Policy
We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time, but we endeavor to treat information we possess solely for the purpose for which it was collected. At times, we may be obliged to share the information with other Malawi government and foreign government agencies in accordance with prevailing laws

Queries Regarding the Privacy Policy
If you have any queries about this privacy policy or require further information, feel free to contact us