Court rules in favor of Mailosi

Ben Mailosi (in dredlocks) poses with LAB counsel and his relatives

The Zomba Magistrate Court has on Wednesday, 31st January 2024, acquitted Ben Mailosi who was accused of the offense of unlawful wounding, contrary to Section 241 (a) of the Penal Code.
Mailosi was arrested on 20th April 2023 on the allegation that he unlawfully wounded Samson Mponda by stabbing him.
Mailosi was taken to Court where the State paraded five witnesses to prove its case. During the trial, he was represented by Chief Legal Aid Advocate Zaheed Ndeketa with assistance from Assistance Legal Aid Officer Tiyamike Kamtukule.
When Mailosi was found with a case to answer, he told the Court that his actions were in self-defense. He testified that Samson Mponda had, after a quarrel with him, thrown a stone at his house. He broke a window and in the process, he injured his baby who was 3 weeks old by then.
Seeing that Samson wanted to force himself into the house and to protect his property, family, and his own life, Mailosi took a metal object and scratched him causing him a minor injury.
Satisfied with the evidence in defense, the Court found that Ben Mailosi had indeed acted in self-defense and therefore acquitted him.

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