July 2022

I received good quality services at Legal Aid Bureau. My case did not take long to be completed. There was no corruption at Legal Aid Bureau because I was not asked for any bribe to be helped.

I was on remand since January. The Bureau came to my rescue and I was acquitted. I am married with two kids, and this affected me so much.

When my son Alinafe was arrested, I was very concerned and I tried so hard to find help from Legal Aid. He was being accused of defilement and abduction.

My relatives suffered after my arrest as I was the breadwinner. I believe that God will put me back to where I was when I go back home. I thank God for helping me through the Legal Aid Bureau

I have witnessed a lot of things in Prison that have changed my life. Thanks to Legal Aid Bureau, I have been released and moving forward.

I got my land back. Legal Aid Bureau really helped me in my case. The lawyer that was representing me in my case Counsel Chamwenda, encouraged and advised me not to give up.